Bitcode Prime – another case of fraud or a good investment? News from the lawyer about Bitcode Prime

Bitcode Prime is an online provider for trading cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are digital means of payment based on cryptographic tools such as blockchains and digital signatures. Basically, cryptocurrency is not centrally regulated by governments or banks. Thus, it can be traded directly between parties. Cryptocurrencies are created just like central bank money, virtually „out of nothing“. This means that they have no particular intrinsic or intrinsic value. Thus, the value of a cryptocurrency results only from acceptance between trading partners (payers, recipients).

Bitcode Prime – Experiences?

Bitcode Prime – Most traders want to know if other customers have had positive experiences with online platforms like Bitcode Prime. Online, customers report losing money trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcode Prime – trading with cryptocurrencies – losses suffered?

In case of losses in the field of trading with cryptocurrencies, injured parties can contact an experienced lawyer with many years of professional experience and have their case reviewed.

Bitcode Prime – What do companies like Bitcode Prime entice with?

Providers like Bitcode Prime attract customers with attractive profits in a few hours or days. However, the loss of invested capital is at least as likely as a lucrative profit. Experts describe crypto trading as high-risk.

Bitcode Prime – In which countries can you find companies like Bitcode Prime?

Companies like Bitcode Prime can be registered virtually anywhere in the world. This is because they operate entirely online. Many cryptocurrency trading companies claim to be based in trusted banking capitals like London, Frankfurt or Dublin. However, for some of them, this claim is simply a lie. In reality, the trading companies are located in less prestigious locations, such as Belize, Ajeltake Island, Marshall Islands or other islands.

Bitcode Prime – scam or trustworthy?

Bitcode Prime – Most traders want to learn whether online platforms like Bitcode Prime are credible or their concept is based on deception . Of course, this question can not be answered in general for all cases , but should be determined specifically in each case . There are certainly online traders who have won significant amounts by trading cryptocurrencies . In any case, there are also countless cases in which manifold breaches of duty occur on the part of the provider and even the suspicion of investment fraud exists. However, this must always be analyzed in detail by a specialized lawyer.

Bitcode Prime – investment lost or withdrawal denied?

Customers , who have lost money by trading cryptocurrencies on Bitcode Prime, can have their facts reviewed by a lawyer. Also, those who have difficulties with their withdrawal requests are best to contact a lawyer in a timely manner. Since basically very many trades are executed exclusively automatically, technical errors may well occur.

Bitcode Prime – the providers are in many cases located outside of Germany

Very many providers for trading with cryptocurrencies are located outside of Germany. This means that in the event of suspected breaches of duty, one must generally turn to the foreign state authorities. This circumstance does make the enforcement of claims somewhat more difficult than in the case of factual circumstances in Germany. However, even in such cases there are possibilities to enforce the claims for damages.